Income Guidelines

Until AUGUST 23, 2019: We ARE currently accepting applications for a new home in Lyle, Washington.  (At this time, we are NOT taking applications for homes in any other areas.)

Call 541-296-8817 and leave a message with your NAME AND MAILING address.  We will be happy to mail you an application package.  You can also email us at

To qualify for a Habitat house, your family must meet the income guidelines listed below for the county where you live:    Hood River     Klickitat     Wasco


Klickitat County Family Income Guidelines:

Family size Minimum Annual Income Maximum Annual Income
1 $24,000 $27,300
2 $24,000 $31,200
3 $24,000 $35,100
4 $24,000 $39,000
5 $24,570 $42,120
6 $26,570 $45,240